Salt innovation hub

From Barcelona, the heart of Innovation hubs, our focus is on establishing a pioneering laboratory dedicated to leading the investigation and research of new applications of salt.

Additionally, it will serve as a hub of knowledge and data for all salts known to exist globally, providing detailed reports on the chemical and technical specifications.

The establishment of our Salt Innovation Hub will signify a turning point for salt research and innovation worldwide.

Worldwide and on Time

As experts in logistics optimisation, we are committed to finding the most efficient solutions for worldwide deliveries for our end users.

Worldwide on Time

Assuring Quality

Salt can vary significantly depending on its origin. We have a deep understanding of the various applicable standards and provide our customers with detailed quality reports for every shipment.

Competitive Pricing

Building long-term relationships allows us to offer competitive prices. Our high annual distribution volume enables us to provide consistently competitive prices, which we guarantee for our valued customers.