Rock Salt’s Benefits

Since the beginning of times, humans have found more than 14.000 different uses for rock salt. For every period in our history, salt has had different, important values, and such values have been evolving to this day.

In each historical period humans found a new use for rock salt to increase their life quality.

But the main point is that salt is still as important in our life as it was before.

Salt has a vital importance in human and animal life. In this article we will talk about some curiosities and some of the benefits that salt produces in our body.

For example, did you know that salt is a main factor in removing excesses of saliva in our mouth? When an animal has saliva in excess quantities, this is a symptom of a lack of salt. Another really important function of rock salt in the human body is maintaining the normal pH of blood. Salt also helps in muscular mobility. Our body needs salt in order for it to adjust its water pressure inside and outside the cells.

27% of our body salt is located in our bones, and that’s where the body takes it from whenever it needs to.

Salt is also considered a main anti-stress compound for our body. There are many anti-depressive therapies that use salt in order to preserve the serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain.

Many doctors affirm that salt is also an important factor in cancer prevention. That is because cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated atmosphere. Salt also aids in the movement of blood, to keep the body oxygenated. It also helps patients with illnesses like diabetes, because rock salt regulates the sugar levels in our body.


Problems arise when we abuse rock salt consumption. Normally a person consumes around 9g each day. A normal adult should not consume more than 6g of a day.

If we take responsibility on our consumption and our body and we do not abuse it, salt can be really useful in our life.

Check out the industrial uses of rock salt here.

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