Rock Salt Prices

Rock salt prices are certainly variable.


There are many factors involved in the determination of a price for any amount of rock salt. Of course, the greater the bulk, the cheaper the product. While some businesses and agencies are seeking rock salt in amounts exceeding 20 tons, many businesses require less than one ton per year.

For these needs, shipping thousands of miles may not be the best option. Then again, acquiring rock salt domestically may be more expensive than seeking rock salt from South America, Africa, or areas of Europe where the product is available in spades. An ocean barge can carry a great deal of salt, and the availability of transit can alter the price per ton.

The key to understanding rock salt prices, is therefore to understand the needs of the situation. It is certainly worth a phone call or two to save money on rock salt shipments. Public service agencies are in the best position to benefit from a little arbitrage, since snow is an unavoidable element of rock salt demand. Rock salt is usually about $60- $80 US per ton, at least when purchased in bulk for local municipalities. This may seem cheap for rock salt prices, but it certainly adds up when some cities must purchase several thousand tons of rock salt. A small price difference could mean thousands of dollars to tax payers and private businesses alike.

Other requirements

For smaller businesses, rock salt prices increase dramatically as smaller amounts mean more packaging by weight. This increase is multiplied by individual shipping requirements, and special storage facilities. Of course, each business, household, or agency will have unique needs for rock salt, and should exercise care when purchasing in quantity. The best strategy is to consult multiple providers, and oftentimes to seek imported sources of salt which are shipped overseas, generally reducing rock salt prices.

When purchasing salt in excess of $1000, it is always best to determine storage and shipping methods over the phone with a representative who is an expert in rock salt logistics. A representative will usually be able to give an estimate on rock salt prices, as well as outline the most common problems with shipping and storage.

Rock Salt Prices conclusions

So, there are varying levels of rock salt prices, but it is a fairly reasonable commodity when purchased en masse. It seems that a majority of the expense is tied up on shipping, packaging, and storage, so selecting the best route may be more important than finding the cheapest source. Rock salt prices vary according to market forces which change daily, so today’s savings may be tomorrow’s loss.

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