MaxiSalt new website: Not just a site. Add salt to your experience

MaxiSalt’s beginnings in the online world

In 2010 we developed our first website to introduce our brand to the online world. Our primary objective was to provide easy information for our customers and to enhance global visibility. This initial site was focused on showcasing the different products we had available and the various sectors that we were present in. 

Our current digital needs 

Over the past years, the salt industry has significantly evolved, as have our company and the needs of our consumers. Today, our focus extends beyond our products to include our societal impact and the value of our human capital. Communicating these aspects has become essential. Therefore, we have dedicated sections on the website to highlight our team, our working methodologies, and our sustainable practices.

We also recognized the need to improve the user experience for our customers, which became a key priority in developing the new website. With the involvement of experienced professionals, we have launched a website equipped with advanced functionalities to meet these needs effectively.

These changes have been made in line with the company’s goals, as the General Manager states “the new website involves updating our image in a very high-end market, and it is aligned with our aim to position ourselves as an international benchmark company. “ The Supply Chain and Key Account Manager adds  “the new design reflects MaxiSalt’s essence, and creates an emotional connection with customers, showcasing an accessible and warm image.”

With these strategic advancements, we are confident that our new website will significantly improve customer engagement and support our long-term vision for growth. 


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