Industrial Salt: The Advantages of Buying in Bulk

Although most household consumers are not aware of the varied applications of industrial salt, thousands of major businesses require industrial salt for the manufacturing of goods, and the availability of services.

Consumers are well aware of the transportation safety applications of industrial salt, from deicing the wings of passenger airplanes to spreading a layer of brine on potentially icy roads.

Businesses which only require small amounts of salt at first, are beginning to perceive the advantages of buying salt in bulk, as the remainder of global salt usage is primarily held by manufacturing organizations.

Rock Salt is required for making everything from detergent to contact solution, and companies which manufacture these goods require hundreds of tons of salt per annum.

Luckily, since salt is widely available, though somewhat tricky to package and ship, the price of salt is low. Still, fluctuations in prices often cause municipalities and government agencies to purchase hundreds of tons of industrial salt before the need arises. Experienced civic planners purchase salt at least a year in advance.

One advantage of buying in bulk is, of course, the reduced price. The expense of manufacturing small packages and shipments of industrial salt dramatically increases the price of industrial salt purchased in stores.

Most homeowners will be surprised to learn that the amount of salt purchased in a year over the counter could easily afford an entire ton of salt when purchased in bulk.

Limites storage space for Industrial Salt?

For those with limited storage space, industrial salt in the amount of 500 kg costs around half that of an entire ton of salt. In either case, the gross cost of purchasing a ton of salt is usually under $100.

Civic agencies and large companies usually pay between $60 and $80 per ton.

Final Thoughts On Industrial Salt

For those who are considering moving to bulk purchases of salt, “stepping up” in small increments is easily achieved. Small businesses can easily purchase salt per month, quarter, or year according to individual overhead requirements.

At the very least, a plan to purchase salt in bulk should be considered as a viable means for cutting the cost of raw materials, including industrial salt. Furthermore, the increased international availability of industrial salt allows competitive pricing against local shippers and manufacturers.

Ocean barges carry several hundred tons of salt each, and deliver promptly when compared to many local shippers which are not able to transport industrial salt in such large amounts. Furthermore, storage may be handled at off-site locations, then delivered to industry branches when the need arises.

Proper storage is especially important in areas where salt is exposed to atmospheric moisture.

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