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    Les débuts de MaxiSalt dans le monde en ligne En 2010, nous avons développé notre premier site web pour présenter notre marque au monde en ligne. Notre objectif principal était de fournir des informations faciles d’accès à nos clients et d’accroître notre visibilité globale. Ce site initial [...]

  • The Unites States is the leading salt producing nation, followed by China, India, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and France, respectively. Although many factors contribute to the production of salt, the basic combination of mineral availability with industrial infrastructure explain the current rankings. These countries are all rich in [...]

  • Because there are so many different types and grades of salt, it’s always a good idea to have a basic notion of how rock salt originates. Like gasoline and natural gas, rock salt is an important resource. The difference, of course, is that rock salt is [...]

  • It is no secret that growing companies require new and cheaper sources of natural resources like industrial salt. So, what makes industrial salt different from other kinds of salt, and where are the most economic sources of industrial salt? Like most products and resources, industrial salt is [...]

  • Industrial salt is not difficult to find. It is far more difficult, however, to locate distributors who practice within international guidelines, while providing the industrial salt prices and customer service expected by the consumers of any natural resource. Firstly, it is always a good idea to determine [...]

  • Rock salt suppliers represent a variety of global interests. Because rock salt suppliers provide a natural resource from specific locations, the color and quality of rock salt will vary from one supplier to the next. For this reason, some local producers prefer to limit their offerings to a [...]

  • Run a quick search on Google, and you’re likely to discover what many other consumers are finding about industrial salt: the prices of rock salt have been increasing over the last few years. Consumers While these price hikes may not worry most home rock salt [...]

  • There are many “hot commodities” in the world of natural resource distribution, but few of these are as attractive as road salt for sale, especially with the winter months approaching. While some cities and small businesses are stock piling road salt, others have budgeted just enough for [...]

  • Road salt prices are a hot topic among city leaders. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons for civic and national leaders to call attention to road salt prices, and few of them are directly to road salt prices themselves. In any case where a local, [...]

  • How Much Salt Is Needed To Deice Roads? While a ton of salt may sound like a great deal to the household consumer, the truth is that a ton of salt only removes about one cubic yard of snow or ice from a road. This can add [...]

  • Rock salt prices are certainly variable. Factors There are many factors involved in the determination of a price for any amount of rock salt. Of course, the greater the bulk, the cheaper the product. While some businesses and agencies are seeking rock salt in amounts [...]

  • Rock salt is one of the few commodities which is in no shortage. Rock salt is mined at several major locations across the globe, and is frequently important to countries which do not have major salt mining operations. Most consumers already know where to buy rock salt [...]