Rock Salt Suppliers

Rock salt suppliers represent a variety of global interests. Because rock salt suppliers provide a natural resource from specific locations, the color and quality of rock salt will vary from one supplier to the next.

For this reason, some local producers prefer to limit their offerings to a single grade, which maximizes the profits of the miners or manufacturers. Distributors generally have access to a large variety of rock salt types, while the best rock salt suppliers will carry only those varieties in demand by the majority of customers, either individuals or businesses.

Choosing the best rock salt supplier is directly related to the type of rock salt carried by the supplier, whether a distributor or a mining facility. Some regions’ rock salt suppliers market various colors and impurities as benefits, while careful research will reveal that some of these types of rock salt are only useful for deicing roads.

Rock Salt Suppliers and Geological Concerns

Although deicing in general is the most popular use for rock salt (per ton), quality grades for industrial use and consumption should be preferred to the cheap, local grades, which feature obvious impurities (large chunks and bizarre colors).


Consumers are often curious as to the geological explanation for strange colors in rock salt, red, for example. While these colors are often a product of the surrounding soil and rock, they occasionally indicate toxicity of the soil which is a serious concern for those purchasing rock salt in bulk, and rock salt suppliers themselves, for consumption or use in water softening.

This is also a concern for communities whose rock salt suppliers are engaged in stocking road salt stores for winter. Rock salt suppliers carry high quality bulk salt because this salt is occasionally blown onto local soil, affecting the quality of that soil.

On the other hand, it may be cost-effective to procure industrial grade salt if a local facility is able to remove these impurities, or if the demanding industry features a purifying process. These processes are rarely cost effective for end consumers, so the best rock salt suppliers simply offer a variety of grades.


Careful attention to rock salt suppliers and the sources of their products is always recommended. While the appearance of rock salt may be a clear indicator as to the quality, some seeming impurities are often benign for use as deicing salt. Rock salt suppliers are usually able to provide plenty of information about the specific grade, source, and quality of the rock salt itself.

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