Rock Salt for the Feeding of Animals

Following our articles on rock salt uses, the current article is about how rock salt is very adequate for animal feeding.

In the same way that the benefits of rock salt for human consumption are evident, we provide rock salt to feed animals. It has become clear that animals have a natural appetite for salt, and this ensures that they grow properly and do not suffer from malnutrition and have properly working immune and reproductive systems.

For thousands of years, farmers have supplemented the diets of animals with different forms of salt, such as blocks intended for their licking or to be mixed with their regular food. The blocks of salt are licked on demand or eaten by animals through grass or feed.
In recent years the need for supply of rock salt for animals has increased, in addition with other minerals needed to complete their nutrition.

Depending on animals’ species and their specific needs, rock salt is enhanced with specific minerals to obtain more efficiency in farm productivity and to have a better yield of the farms. Some rock salt blocks mixed with cobalt, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and other elements that are supplied depending on the livestock that must be fed have been created. These blocks of salt are resistant to environmental conditions while maintaining their properties unchanged.

In parallel, the use of rock salt in farms has proven efficient in giving fields an ideal amount of mineral and trace elements. Also due to the preservative properties of salt, farmers use it to maintain foods’ properties during corn or grass seasons, amongst others.

On previous articles we explained how rock salt can be used for very different applications, including salt for deicing and water treatment

You can find more information on industrial uses and common uses on these links.

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