Rock Salt: Deicing Salt for Ice Melting

In our previous article about rock salt uses we mentioned that it is fundamental for deicing, especially for roads.

Deicing Salt, also known as Road Salt, is widely used for highway ice melting in all developed countries because of the huge profits involved and the limited risk that is associated with it.

Ideally, Deicing Salt should be applied on the points where there is snow or ice, but it is more efficient to apply it before the ice has been formed. It facilitates the creation of a layer of Brine that, due to the lower freezing point, melts the ice quickly.

Because of the vast amounts in which it is available throughout the world, rock salt is a great product for deicing. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that, despite having planned stocks and logistics appropriately, transportation is expensive and inflexible. In recent years alternatives have emerged for Road Salt, sometimes more efficient but much more expensive and also difficult to obtain because of the large amount of the product that is needed.

Deicing Salt has been used for many years for melting the ice formed on roads during the winter season, and its efficiency level is very good. It requires a relatively low amount of Road Salt to keep the roads clear of ice and snow. Thus, with a relatively low cost, Rock Salt succeeds in maintaining safety on roads.

Rock salt does not expire and is easy to keep in stock in large, dry locations. It can be easily manipulated and there are tools available that permit to control the quantity to be spread.

Road Salt is non-toxic and it does not damage the skin or clothing, so this is a good advantage in comparison to other ice melting methods. Also it is well known by people. However, it is a corrosive element for metallic elements.

Definitely Deicing Salt has a very low environmental impact, both in its production and its implementation.

In our previous article we explained how rock salt for water treatment was a really important use of Rock Salt. On our next article we are going to explain how rock salt is used for animal feeding.

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