• Following our articles on rock salt uses, the current article is about how rock salt is very adequate for animal feeding. In the same way that the benefits of rock salt for human consumption are evident, we provide rock salt to feed animals. It has become clear [...]

  • In our previous article about rock salt uses we mentioned that it is fundamental for deicing, especially for roads. Deicing Salt, also known as Road Salt, is widely used for highway ice melting in all developed countries because of the huge profits involved and the limited risk [...]

  • As we mentioned in our article on rock salt uses, one of the most important applications of Rock Salt is for use in water treatment. In every country water supplies contain a high percentage of calcium and magnesium, which are very harmful for the life of equipment [...]

  • Nowadays, rock salt is one of the cheapest products we can find in the market, although, a long time ago, things weren’t like this. A long time ago salt was a highly valuated good, even used as an exchange currency, and had many applications in common people’s [...]

  • The mineral form of sodium chloride that we also use in water treatment, animal and chemical industries is called rock salt. Many millions of years ago sea water evaporated, and its salt was relayed in subterranean deposits. Nevertheless, it looks very different to the salt we are [...]