Management ISO Guidelines

PARDIRA PREMIUM SLU is a company engaged in the international sale and distribution of salt and other chemicals, under the brand MAXISALT.

A quality management system has been implemented in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, which is committed to keep and improve by acting with the following guidelines:

  1. Comply with legislation regarding the conduct of its activities, as well as other requirements with customers or other stakeholders.
  2. Recruitment of staff, suppliers and subcontractors according to the criteria established in the management system, legal and of each customer.
  3. Engagement with the customer’s satisfaction.
  4. Keep the necessary communication channels with customers to detect their current and future needs, to ensure their satisfaction, meeting their requirements and expectations.
  5. Compliance with requirements and continuous improvement of the management system, through the implementation of measurement systems and monitoring of the services provided to our customers as well as of the goals of the system.
  6. Periodic detection and assessment of risks and opportunities, in particular those related to stakeholders.
  7. Training and awareness of all the people involved in our process, in order to improve it and promote participatory management in the management system.
  8. Commitment to information to stakeholders.
  9. Management is committed to providing the necessary resources to achieve the goals of the management system, its effectiveness, its efficiency and continuous improvement.

Livraison Mondiale à Temps

En tant qu’experts en optimisation logistique, nous nous engageons à trouver les solutions les plus efficaces pour les livraisons à l’échelle mondiale à destination de nos utilisateurs finaux.

Worldwide on Time

Garantie de Qualité

La qualité du sel peut varier selon son origine, c’est pourquoi nous nous engageons à fournir des rapports détaillés sur la qualité pour chaque envoi. Nos normes strictes garantissent que nos clients reçoivent toujours un produit de première qualité, conforme à leurs attentes les plus élevées.

Prix Concurrentiels

Building long-term relationships allows us to offer competitive prices. Our high annual distribution volume enables us to provide consistently competitive prices, which we guarantee for our valued customers.